Slashed Technique

Slashing is a process that involves layering up fabric, stitching usually in parallel channels and then cutting through to the base layer. This can then be brushed to fray it, exposing the layers below and producing velvet like texture. Further embellishment might take the form of additional stitching or the bonding of plastics or metal foil onto the surface. It is both delicate and robust with intricate colour mixes depending on the fabrics used. It is also stable and surprisingly hardwearing. This technique leads itself to large scale work with the freedom to make dramatic compositional statements as well as subtle colour and textural details.

Artist Statement - Slashed Work

“Whilst much of my work is an exploration of technique and materials, the English countryside is often a recurring theme. Suggestions of landscape are a particular favourite: the ambiguity of the horizon in the twilight of dawn or dusk, ploughed earth with a heavy frost upon it, chalk hills in fog or rain, fields of wheat in the wind. I am exploring the paradox of trying to make something beautiful with the controlled savagery of working materials to nearly the point of destruction. Through this I am seeking to produce textile wallpieces that allow the viewer the space to contemplate, reflect and then draw their own conclusions.”