Digital Stitch Technique

Imagery or text is initially cleaned up and edited in Photoshop before being uploaded in to Pfaff's Premier+2 software. Here the embroidery can be programmed and further changes made. I use a Pfaff Creative Vision machine to stitch work out. I am particularly keen to challenge the way both the software and hardware suggest the embroidery is created.

This technology is allowing me to build imagery in a way that I never expected. It feels like the possibilities are endless.

Artist Statement - Digital Stitch

“Digital technology has changed forever the way we discover, understand and create. I am intrigued in the way we process and communicate data; the paradox of how essentially important that data may be, yet how intelligible it is to the uninitiated. This is particularly true of medical data where information can literally be a life or death matter. And just as digital technology is changing the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, digital technology is changing the way I can work with textiles.”

“I can programme stitches with pinpoint accuracy, fill areas with decorative satin stitch and build images with precision: I can make in a way that I could not have imagined when I graduated 25 years ago.”